Bar Gear

Rustic 55 Bottle Opener

I don’t know about you, but there is something really cool about opening a bottle directly from a wall. It makes me feel like I’m an old farm hand from the dust ball era or something. Wouldn’t this be a call addition to your home brewery, a cool way to open a little beer while you are brewing up your next batch? Well, if it is, check out this model and many others over on Amazon.

Beer Chiller Sticks

Sometimes you get those last-minute callers, sometimes you just want that one last beer for the game when the fridge is out. These chiller sticks are perfect for quickly bringing a warm beer down to the right drinking temperature. Check out what is available right now by heading over to Amazon!

Wood Beer Tap Display (Chalkboard faucet)

I don’t know about you, but the most fun you can have brewing is coming up with a unique name for your unique beer creation. You can proudly display your guest ale with this chalkboard tap display and really make your bar feel like your own. See what model best suits you, you can find lots on Amazon.

11-piece Black Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Unfortunately not all your home bar patrons will love your beer, so you may need to mix the odd cocktail for the wives and hangers-on. So this would make you popular with all your customers, check out the latest prices and deals on Amazon.